Kids at Jonesboro Pre-K Center raise big bucks for St. Jude

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - The children at the Jonesboro Pre-K Center have every reason to be proud of themselves.

Friday, 180 students hopped on their trikes and scooters to cap off a fundraiser for St. Jude. Those who weren't riding around the playground had an opportunity to grab a little exercise and work on their muscles.

Coordinator and teacher, Samantha Glover, said the kids really came through for St. Jude. Glover said their determination took a lot of work.

"Each child had a sponsor form to raise money for three weeks prior to the event. They also held a bucket at the drive through where our parents drop off in the morning and picked up in the afternoons contributed to the bucket," Glover told Region 8 News.

The kids also bought t-shirts for the fundraiser. All in all, the children raised a whopping $7,187.66 for St. Jude.

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