Bush Talks Jobs, Economy in South Arkansas

APRIL 6, 2004 - Posted at 2:59 p.m. CDT

EL DORADO, AR - President Bush visited in El Dorado this afternoon, telling business owners there that he expects more jobs for the American economy, but that they will require training.

Bush said, "This is a hopeful time.  We just need to make sure people are educated for the jobs that will be."

Bush spent much of the time talking about his economic policies as well as defending his decision to go to war in Iraq.  He said his tax relief policies had made the recession one of the "shallowest ever."

He said to continue prosperity he favored fair trade, tort reform to curb what he called junk lawsuits, more affordable health care insurance, medical liability reform at the federal level, maintaining the child credit and elimination of the marriage penalty.

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