Bono Lake Project Still 'On Go'

APRIL 6, 2004 - Posted at 3:17 p.m. CDT

BONO, AR - A proposed lake that would provide fishing and recreation in the hills northeast of Bono is still planned.

A 132-acre lake and accompanying park are proposed on a site just off of Craighead County Road 361.  The idea for the project began moving forward in early 2001, but to this day no dirt has been moved at the site.  County Judge Dale Haas told K8 News that it's taken a while to complete required feasibility studies and get the proper legislation in place for the project.  "What we've been waiting on is, we've had all of our feasibility studies done by the Corps of Engineers, but the Corps needed legislative language in place to move them from their scope of flood control so they could actually build a body of water that would be used for recreation and also a reservoir," said Haas.

Haas credits Senator Mark Pryor for getting the necessary federal legislation in place.  The judge says it's still difficult to say when actual physical work on the project might begin, but he's hopeful that it will happen by at least 2006.