Another Man Comes Forward Alleging Police Brutality

April 5, 2004 -- Posted 6:30 p.m. CST

Brookland, AR --Brookland Police Officer Aaron Murphy, whose under suspension for the O'Neil incident, is also taking heat from another person in the community who says Murphy and other deputies beat him up for no reason.

"It started off with a Brookland police officer, it wound up with 6 other County Deputies,  when they got there things just got plum crazy," said Terry Guest.

Terry Guest says he's still suffering from the financial strains of an incident that happened in September 2002. Guest says it all started when Brookland Police Officer Aaron Murphy came to serve him a warrant for failing to appear in court in Hoxie for having fictitious tags. On that day, Guest says he had 16 teeth pulled and was highly medicated.

"I tried to explain to him that I kind of felt sick to my stomach, but he insisted, said he just needed to talk to me for a minute said there was nothing wrong so I stepped out on the porch, " said Guest.

After that, Guest says Murphy asked him to come to his car to figure out a new court date, but Guest says he asked him not to because he didn't feel well.

"He pulled me backwards and I pulled my arm away and I said man there's something wrong here, I'm going in the house. Well I got to the porch and he grabbed me by the shirt collar and pulled me onto my back and I rolled onto the steps and on top of him and I told him man this is crazy you've got to stop this," said Guest.

At this point Guest says he was so confused but remembers Craighead County Deputies dragging him to the car.

"I had three broke ribs, a punctured lung, dislocated right elbow, wound up staying 7 days in the hospital," said Guest.

K-8 News has obtained a copy of the incident report from the Brookland Police Department. It states that only 3 deputies came to the scene, and it paints a different side of the story.

According to Murphy, he says he explained to Guest he was not trying to argue with him, and that after seeing he was still being uncooperative he decided to call for assistance of Craighead #11. Murphy goes on to say, after Guest hit his patrol car he exited his unit and informed Guest to place his hands behind his back he was under arrest and Guest refused.

Murphy says he then called Craighead #11 and told them to step it up they were fighting.

Guest says he tried contacting the Mayor and law enforcement officials several times but never got an answer.

"We did do an investigation on this and Mr. Guest was given the proper paperwork and reports of the incident," said Brookland Mayor Joe McKeel.

"My police officers are not brutal," said Brookland Police Chief Morris Rusher. "I have full confidence in my officers as far as hearsay."

"We'll investigate any and all allegations," said Craighead County Sheriff Jack McCann.

Guest is being represented by the Cochran Law Firm in Memphis and plans to file a lawsuit in federal court. He says he has 15 thousand dollars in medical bills, and would like to have them paid off.