What's happening to the cats in Barrington Park?

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - Why are all the cats disappearing in two coves that are near each other in a south Jonesboro subdivision?  That's what neighbors are asking.  Today, they may have found their first lead in a puzzling and painful drama that's been playing out since last fall.

Seven-year-old Webb and 13-year-old Maggie Store say their final good-byes to "Socks," the cat.  The feline has been a member of the family since they were very small children.

"Their cat was very ill and taken to the vet yesterday," said neighbor and cat owner, Daya Shipman.  "The vet did confirm the cat had been poisoned and unfortunately, she died overnight."

Socks is the latest casualty in a string of missing and sick cats dying in the Barrington Park.

"Their cat, Clarisse, came home several months ago one morning and she was very, very ill," explained Daya as she pointed to a cat's grave next door. "She laid down and died and this is her grave."

Shipman is a cat owner herself and has lost two of her precious pets.

"Everything began late last September," said Shipman. "I had two outdoor cats that I had had for several years. We had lived in the neighborhood for almost seven years. One came up missing and I just assumed something bad had happened to her.  But two weeks later, the other one came up missing...which I thought was a little more than a coincidence."

Shipman says the incidents have happened overnight and the pets show up sick or not at all the next morning.  Arkansas' animal cruelty law makes it a felony if someone is intentionally poisoning the pets.  Homeowners need to know that some fertilizers for your yard and anti-freeze contain chemicals that can poison pets.

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