Region 8 Woman Wins Extreme Makeover Smile Valued at $20K

April 8, 2004 -- Posted at 9:02 CDT

JONESBORO -- Flashing those pearly whites is something we do every day but don't often think about it. But for those in need of dental work, smiling can be a painful experience, and Thursday one lucky Region 8 woman proudly showed off her new grin, courtesy of a very generous dentist.

"Emotionally, this is something that I've wanted forever. Things like this can be life changing events, so I'm ecstatic," said Amy Putnam.

Putnam won the Northeast Arkansas Extreme Smile Makeover. She beat out more than 75 applicants to win a brand new smile, and says having a perfect smile has made a big impact on her life.

"Words can't describe. I just smile all the time and I'm constantly looking in the mirror and thinking, 'Oh my goodness that's me and my smile,' it's awsome," said Putnam, grinning from ear to ear.
But it wasn't an easy task to getting those perfect choppers.
"The before and after pictures I had forgotten what looked like see the difference is amazing," said Putnam.
Dr. John Rowe and his wife Dr. Kristy Roberts Rowe worked on Putnam for several months.
"We replaced all of her silver black mercury fillings, a combination of 10 veneers and two crowns, all porcelain veneers custom sculpted by a master ceramist to fit her face and her personality individual to her. A number of bonded poly-ceramic fillings, and we also treated a TMJ disorder that she had," said Dr. John Rowe.
And the price tag for all of that wasn't cheap....Putnam's bill would have cost her more than $20,000 dollars!
But the Doctors Rowe say Amy deserved it....
"She really was conscientious about taking care of her teeth and had really tried hard, and you can tell when someone is really excited about taking care of their teeth," said Dr. John Rowe.
"She was very self conscious about her teeth. She felt like her front teeth were kind of buck teeth and that her side teeth were vampire teeth and even the kids at school teased her about that. She's a school teacher and you just don't think about kids being so harsh to their teachers," said Dr. Kristy Rowe.
But not anymore...
"They just stare," laughed Putnam, "One of my students looked at me the other day, and said I just cannot get used to your smile, Mrs. Putnam, it's so pretty."
Putnam wasn't the only winner....the Rowe & Rowe Dental Studio also choose five other finalists who received a one-hour Zoom! professional teeth whitening as a consolation prize.