Abortion Protestors Rally at Busy Jonesboro Intersection

APRIL 12, 2004 - Posted at 2:58 p.m. CDT

JONESBORO, AR - A normally busy Jonesboro intersection had even more activity than usual today.

A group of abortion protestors set up at the intersection of of Caraway Road and Highland Drive during the noon lunch rush.  Approximately one dozen protestors showed graphic signs and pictures relating to abortion, and also preached to passers-by with a bullhorn.

According to group spokesman Bruce Murch, several of the protestors were from a Pocahontas-based church called 'The Little Children of Jesus Christ.'  Murch said other protestors were members of his family, which travel around the country protesting abortion.  "We know that when we come out here at lunchtime or the early morning rush hour, evening rush hour...that we become the subject of conversation around the water cooler, over the breakfast table, over the dinner table at night.  And that's what we want.  We want people to talk about this.  We want them to have to come to grips with what abortion really is," said Murch.

Other than a few honking horns, the protestors didn't seem to get much reaction from passing motorists.

There are no legal abortion clinics in Jonesboro.