Sheryl Crow Takes Center Stage At Home

April 13, 2004 -- Posted at 11:33 am CDT

KENNETT-- "Hometown girl made good, and came back", and "she really does care about this community", are just a couple of the accolades of local residents about their native singer/songwriter. Sheryl Crow took center stage Monday night in her hometown of Kennett to address the local Chamber.

What does a platinum recording artist notice about her old stomping grounds? "The music sounds the same, and the cotton fields look the same, and the churches all look the same", as Ms. Crow described Kennett landmarks that stand out to her.

She even keeps up with local news. "I get the Daily Dunklin Democrat, I get my church epistle", continued Crow.

Which is probably how she found out about Kennett's city pool predictament. Crow related about how much the city pool had meant to her growing up in Kennett and all the memories that still linger with her.

Ms. Crow is donating the necessary funds to build a new municipal pool for the residents of Kennett.