People are teaming up to clean up

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT)-The Southwest Church of Christ is hosting it's second annual, "OverFlow Sunday".

Around six hundred Region 8 residents will be volunteering their time to clean up the Jonesboro community.

Teams will be hard at work throughout the city on Sunday, April 29th.

Executive Director of the Hispanic Community Center, Gina Gomez, says she and others with the Hispanic community are volunteering in this project because they want to say thank you.

"We are working with the Southwest Church of Christ in a big project in Jonesboro," Gomez said. "We are going to clean up part of Huntington Street and this was just an idea from the Hispanic Community to give back to our community. We're going to be doing the clean up and also painting the Hispanic Center."

Gomez says they just wanted to give back to the community that has given them so much.

"We really wanted people to know that we," Gomez said. "As Hispanics, are very grateful for the opportunities given to us in the community and we wanted to give back. So, we are looking for projects where we can get involved and work for the city and just show our appreciation for all the help that we receive for just living in this great community."

Jane McDaniel with the Southwest Church of Christ says a number of interesting things will be taking place.

"The Mayor and some of his staff will be working alongside with us," McDaniel said. "We will be working also in North Jonesboro again at the Community Garden. Some members of the North Jonesboro Initiative will also work with us there."

There will also be trash pick up on Culberhouse and Greensboro Road.

Members of the Hispanic Center will be working with volunteers on Huntington Street.

Work will take place from ten until two in the afternoon.

For more information about the Southwest Church of Christ, log onto their website.

For more information on the Hispanic Community Center, click here.

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