Jonesboro High School seniors earn over 9 million is scholarships

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT)-Students, teachers and staff at Jonesboro High School are celebrating.

Students earned over 9 million dollars in scholarship money to continue their education.

An awards ceremony took place Friday morning in the school's auditorium.

Senior class counselor at Jonesboro High School, Charles Gabe, says they couldn't be more proud.

"I believe this has set the record for this school," Gabe said. "As far as total money scholarships available and we've also got a ton of students. I think we've got about two hundred students who have earned, at least, the Academic Challenge Scholarship from the state of Arkansas. So, that's very exciting."

Representatives from different colleges attended the ceremony to present students with their scholarship money.

Awards were also given out by JHS teachers for excellence in class work.

Jonesboro High School Principal, Dr. Mike Skelton, says he proud of their students, as well.

"It's outstanding," Skelton said. "The sheer number of kids that are taking care of business in and out of the classroom is great. We're even encouraging our Juniors. We had an awards ceremony for them and at it we were telling them about the 9 million the seniors have gotten and hoping they'll knock it out of the park next year with 10 million!"

Gabe says this accomplishment is a credit to everyone.

"We have a great program here," Gabe said. "We've got great teachers and we've also got great parents who send us these students. So, the parents send us what they've got and they've got great students."

Gabe says with these students walking toward their future, Region 8 residents have nothing to worry about.

"I think our future is bright," Gabe said. "I think we've got some great kids. You know, any negative things that are said are not true. We've got great kids and our future in this country is bright."

Two hundred and twenty-three students in the senior class earned some type of scholarship.

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