Students Take Class to 2,000 Feet

For many Paragould High Schoolers......Friday was a good day to fly.  Students with the JROTC program were allowed to tag along for flights over the city by the National Gaurd Unit out of Camp Robinson in North Little Rock.  Many flew for the first time ever.

One young girl, Lashay Wade, had never flown and admitted to a small fear of heights.  Wade said the only reason she was going to fly was because it was a chance of a lifetime.  Fifteen minutes and one "chopper" ride later she had done an about face.  "It was so amazing so much fun.  It was just so amazing I am just so glad I did it," Wade told K8 news.  Adding she would love to go on another trip.

The students were treated to rides on an army blackhawk helicopter.  Most of the ones stationed in North Little Rock are deployed overseas.  They are mainly used for medivac and troop movement although they can be fitted with weaponry.  The helicopters are powered by two engines pumping out a bucking 5 thousand horses.

Army instructor Ron Hancock says the class is not designed to recruit tomorrow's soldier.  Saying the main purpose of the program is to provide leadership skills and qaulities to tomorrow's leaders.