Region 8 overflows with community service

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) – Hundreds of people volunteered for a city-wide service project in Region 8 Sunday.

More than 600 people participated in projects for Overflow, a service day at Southwest Church of Christ. "We take off from our regular church services, and we go into the community around us, and we work on relational projects and physical projects and prayer walks throughout the community," said Overflow coordinator Bob Reddell.

Church members split into several teams to go work in different parts of the city and partnered with several organizations for the project.

Volunteers helped Hispanic Community Services, Inc. staff paint the building and pick up trash along Huntington Street. "We're just all thrilled that we've had all different places to show up today in Jonesboro and help out our community, and that's what we're really supposed to be doing here," said volunteer Marsha Huber.

Volunteers painted the building and picked up trash along the street, but the project wasn't confined to just one side of Johnson Avenue. Overflow volunteers partnered with Fisher Street United Methodist Church to make sure the volunteers' gift of service keeps on giving. "Today we're picking up rocks and sticks so we can plant a garden here for our community garden," said 13-year-old China Lakes.

"There's going to be tomatoes. There's going to be corn. There's going to be lettuce, okra, peppers, squash," said Reverend Charles Coleman, pastor of Fisher Street United Methodist.

"Once the vegetables have come up, the Overflow group is building tables for us so that we can set them out and let the community come and get the food for free."

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