Women Explore the Outdoors

April 17, 2004--Posted at 8:00 p.m. CDT

JONESBORO--The Arkansas Game and Fish Commission Crowley's Ridge Nature Center held a National Wild Turkey Women in the Outdoors workshop Saturday.

The program gave the ladies an opportunity to perfect some old skills and learn new ones.

"I wanted to increase my knowledge on outdoor sports," said Sue Pitman.

"Well my family has always loved the outdoors so I thought I might learn something new today,"said Heather Sadler.

While there were a lot of act ivies to choose from today.....there was one that definitely hit the bulls eye....."archery," said both ladies.

The workshop today gave ladies the opportunity to learn outdoor skills, skills to choose from canoeing, kayaking, fly fishing and outdoor cooking.

That's actually what we had for lunch. We had fish prepared in several different ways in a dutch over in foil, blackened in a skillet so we actually had several different ways of cooking outdoors,"said Jodi Morris.

The ladies at the workshop today also got a sneak peak at the new nature center and information about the exhibits the nature center will offer when it opens in mid summer.

"Their exhibits about Crowley's Ridge's unique land form that goes across Northeast Arkansas from the Missouri border, and goes to Piggott and goes down to the Delta, and then down to Helena where there is unique habitat is also part of what we are interpreting. We interpret the land and the habitat and the wildlife that lives there,"said Morris.

Volunteers say the day was perfect for this event and they look forward to other events like this one