PTA makes big donation to local school

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT)-A special PTA meeting was held Monday morning at Valley View school.

The Valley View PTA presented checks to each of the schools principals totaling over $111, 000.

President of the Valley View PTA, Shelly Anderson, says money wasn't the only surprise they were there to deliver.

"We've also bought many Ipads," Anderson said. "One for every teacher in the elementary building as well as most of the teachers in the intermediate. We have a five year plan to make sure that technology is spread all across our campus."

Anderson says the PTA's purpose is to support the school and it's teachers.

"PTA is not just about fund raising," Anderson said. "It's first and foremost about the advocacy of the children and also about legislation and education reform. So, with all the important things we do, we do find time to fund raise so we can take care of our teachers and especially our students on campus."

Intermediate Principal Dr. Sharon Taylor says the PTA is instrumental in providing their students with the up to date equipment they need to stay competitive.

"We're a school district that doesn't have a lot of funding for this kind of equipment," Taylor said. "The PTA is critical in making sure that we have technology available. When I first came here we had no computers in the elementary building and they were instrumental in buying computers for every teachers classroom about 18 years ago. And so, they've always been a resource we could turn to for help to buy the things our kids need to keep us on the leading edge of education."

Anderson says supporting your local school is about investing in your community's future.

"I believe it's the most important thing a parent can do," Anderson said. "I actually think it's the most important thing event a business owner can do. Education is priority one because these children are our future."

Taylor says the Ipads donated to the Intermediate school will be put to good use.

"We're going to use the Ipads for instructional support," Taylor said. "In our language arts, and math classrooms. My faculty has already been using Ipad in the classroom. We purchased some last year with funds they raised. And we're going to implement this with our students and add this to a mobile lab that Mr. Baker allowed us to purchase for our students."

Taylor says this is not the first time the school's PTA has worked hard to help enhance their students education.

"The library is a critical part of our school," Taylor said. "I like to think it's the heartbeat of our school. And our goal is to make life long readers. And to that effort, PTA has been so generous. They gave us $10, 000 to spend this year on materials to support our reading program, which is critical."

Valley View Elementary received $31, 263 and 25 Ipads.

The Intermediate School received $17, 950 and 13 Ipads.

The Junior High received $4, 314 and the Senior High received $5, 020.

This was all made possible through a series of fund raisers put on throughout the school year.

The Valley View PTA has also been recognized for the second year in a row as the #1 top performing school for PTA membership participation in the state.

For more information on Valley View Schools, log onto their website.

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