Gas prices still too high in Pocahontas

POCAHONTAS, AR (KAIT) - Gas prices nationwide are trending downward, easing the pain at the pump for many. In Jonesboro, gas prices can be found as cheap as $3.43 a gallon, leaving many with a sigh of relief, but not everyone. Pocahontas residents are still paying a lot more.

Even with average prices for regular unleaded gas in Arkansas down 8 cents over the past week, those living in Pocahontas said they're seeing little to no change in what they pay at the pump. This has left a general consensus among people in Pocahontas.

"It's high and I hope it doesn't get much higher," Kaylin Higginbotham said.

While many towns across Region 8 are seeing some relief at the pump, gas stations in Pocahontas still sit at roughly $3.75 a gallon. People like David Tyler have noticed.

"Everywhere around here is 20-25 cents a gallon cheaper," Tyler said.

In less than a two mile stretch of road in Pocahontas, four gas stations sell gas anywhere from $3.70 to $3.79 a gallon. According to, that's much higher than it should be. The average price for a gallon of unleaded gas in Arkansas currently sits at $3.59 a gallon. However, Pocahontas residents are paying closer to the national average of $3.81 a gallon.

"Our prices haven't dropped like Walnut Ridge, Jonesboro, Black Rock. Our prices are still the same," Tyler told Region 8 News.

Gas prices are so high throughout Pocahontas, residents said, 'Forget driving down the street for the best gas prices.' That's because they're headed to the next county.

"If you're gonna fill up, you're better off to drive to Walnut Ridge or Black Rock because it'd save you money," Tyler said.

Kaylin Higginbotham agreed.

"It's getting' about that way. It's so much cheaper over there and it's so expensive every time you drive into town to get gas," she told KAIT.

Though she hasn't been a driver long, Higginbotham said she's still affected by the high gas prices.

"I used to run around every weekend on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Now I just sit at home so I don't have to waste gas I know I'll end up paying for," Higginbotham said. She added "I keep having to ask my parents for more money."

Tyler feels the high gas prices in Pocahontas are making the town less appealing. His solution to the problem?

"You can go to Jonesboro and get your groceries and while you're over there...fill up."

The general consensus among Pocahontas residents was that gas prices were far too high. Residents out of Wynne, Leachville and Manila have also said they're experiencing the same problem as people in Pocahontas.

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