General Wesley Clark Speaks to ASU Students

April 20, 2004 -- Posted at 5:24 p.m. CDT

JONESBORO -- A major political figure visits region Region 8 Tuesday. Former presidential candidate General Wesley Clark stopped by the campus of Arkansas State University Tuesday afternoon. And, why you may ask? Well, because the students asked him to.

When students in a leadership class at ASU were challenged to come up with an idea for a group project that would make a difference in their community, they started brainstorming....

"I started thinking about it and I wanted to do something kind of big and thought about how we had a person from Arkansas running for President of the United States," said Senior Robbie Gentry, who came up with the idea.

A few phone calls later, and that group project turned into a special visit from former Presidential Candidate, General Wesley Clark. Clark spoke to students and facility on leadership, politics and the world today.

"There will be leaders here, there are leaders here and it's important that they start in the right direction," said Clark.

Instructor Clint Relyea was surprised when his students told him that Clark agreed to come to Jonesboro.

"Part of the project that they have is to make a difference, so this being an election year is a great way to get people involved," said Relyea.

"Our class is leadership, and he's such a great leader, he really is and it turned out to be really good just for the end of the have a good leader to speak to us," said Senior April Vanaman.

And Clark's message for the future leaders of America...

"I think every young person has to look at where America is in the world, and what their place in America is going to be and what's likely to happen in their future," said Clark.

But the lesson students learned is that it's amazing what you can get if you just ask.

"I was very shocked, I never thought this would happen....actually it was me just saying I was going to try something and I just did it, but I never thought he would come," said Gentry.

And the question of the day...would Clark become John Kerry's running mate? Clark said 'he had no interest in being a running mate, only helping Kerry get elected.'