JPD catches missing level 3 sex offender; PPD still looking for level 3 sex offender

Gregory Moore (Source: Arkansas Crime Information Center)
Gregory Moore (Source: Arkansas Crime Information Center)
Arthur Crossland (Source: Provided by Paragould Police Dept.)
Arthur Crossland (Source: Provided by Paragould Police Dept.)

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - Jonesboro Police have caught a missing level 3 sex offender, while Paragould Police still search for a missing level 3 sex offender. 

Jonesboro Police say they found Gregory A. Moore, 29, a level 3 sex offender during a traffic stop. Moore was convicted in 2010 of fourth degree sexual assault. His last registered address was 400 Cobb Street, Apartment A, minutes away from Jonesboro International Studies Magnet School. 


Moore moved from that location without notifying police. "With him being considered homeless, anytime he moved he was to report," said Jonesboro Police sergeant Lyle Waterworth.

Police have not released yet where Moore was caught.

Paragould police corporal Jack Hailey said registered sex offenders reporting to law enforcement agencies is one of the issues officers often deal with. The biggest thing is to find out whether they are living there. If they're just visiting there, then it might be a case of where we say, ‘You can't be here. You need to go to your house, or you need to stay away from here."


Paragould Police are looking for Arthur Crossland, a level 3 sex offender, for failure to comply with registration and reporting requirements and failure to register as a sex offender.


Police said Crossland's last address was listed as Paragould. "They are not allowed to live within two thousand feet of schools, daycares, any kind of child care facility, parks," said Corporal Hailey.


The arrests of the offenders are immediate if they have violated requirements. Officers do encourage people notify law enforcement if they are concerned about an offender in their neighborhood, but not to jump to conclusions.


"If it's someone driving down the road, or walking down the street and their minding their own business, they have a right to do that," said Corporal Hailey.


The Jonesboro sex offender registry is listed here.


The Paragould sex offender is listed here.


The national sex offender registry is listed here.


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