Severe Weather Takes a Vacation

April in Region 8 has been sunny, warm, breezy, and clear.  So obviously we wanted to know why.  April is considered the middle of the severe weather season here in Region 8.  The season begins in early March and ends when temperatures reach 90 degrees during late May.  While we are half way through the season…..we have seen little to no severe weather.


Experts inMemphis along with Meteorologist Spencer Denton say the reason for the absence of severe weather is due to a lack of thunderstorm development.  Globally, a jet stream which has moved extremely north of its usual path has caused an environment not beneficial to thunderstorm development.  Now the jet stream is headed back to its normal position raising the risk for severe weather throughout the remainder of severe weather season.


At home, Craighead County 911 Coordinator David Moore says even though the region is seeing a lack of severe weather they are still working hard to ensure the safety of the community.  Adding he hopes citizens are also thinking about severe weather plans for emergencies.


Moore commented about the past three years being light on severe weather.  He says this makes his job tougher because weather spotters and watchers tend to find other things to do when they are not needed to watch weather patterns.  He also says the area has a line of spotters crossing the state and into Oklahoma to help in knowing what type of weather is headed to the region.


James Duke the National Weather Service Director out of Memphis says for the remainder of the year we can expect rain totals to be just about right to slightly below average.