Heavy Rains Dry Out Weekend Plans

April 23, 2004 -- Posted at 5:55 pm CDT

BATESVILLE -- Weather is an ever changing event.  Four days ago the region and state were well behind yearly totals for rainfall.  After a rainy four days of weather the region is now ahead of yearly totals and looking to add to it over the weekend.

In Batesville, OES coordinator Bill Hicks says his city is like most other Northeast Arkansas towns.  They have seen minor flash flooding but no major flooding in the city.  He adds they could see problems over the next few days if rainfall totals continue to quickly rise.  Something the national weather service is predicting.

Areas like Batesville could see more than three inches of rain if local forecasts hold up.  The rainfall could flood towns like Batesville who are seeing their own drains back up.  Hicks says Batesville’s drains are connected to the White River.  When the river overflows it is only a short time before the city is affected.  He hopes the cities drains will be allowed to empty before more rainfall drains out of the White River.

High rainfall totals could also affect several weekend events.  Hicks says the Batesville Car and Bike Rally could be cancelled or postpones do to weather.  Something other Region 8 towns could be forced to so as well.