March of Dimes Is Making a Step in the Right Direction

April 24, 2004--Posted at 3:30 p.m. CDT

JONESBORO--The Northeast Arkansas chapter of the March of Dimes held a WalkAmerica event this morning.

The March of Dimes raises money for research and prevention of birth defects and infant mortality.

"Fifty percent of premature births have no known cause. A lot of people don't know how many babies are born premature in the United States each year. That's why we're here, we want to raise the money to figure out what we can do to stop it," says Division Director for the March of Dimes, Becky Wilcox.

For one family, this organization has a very special place in their heart. Elissa Ladd weighed only 1 pound 4 ounces when she was born, but thanks to the March of Dimes, her future looks bright.

"She is a premature child and she is a figure of what March of Dimes can do for the children,"said Scott Ladd.

Whether or not the March of Dimes directly affected participants today, everyone walked with the same goal.

"The children.... what better cause is there than that....they are our future and if we don't help them, than who will," one participant said.

The March of Dimes is challenging participants in the 2004 WalkAmerica to raise $45,000 to help treat premature babies.

So a goal was set.....did they meet it?

"52, 000....yes,"said Wilcox.

Organizers say this event is a huge success and it's great to see a community come together for such a good cause.

Organizers say, after all, that is what Jonesboro and Craighead County are known for; stepping up and coming together in times like this.