Manila business women raise money for kids

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT)-The Manila Business Women held a fund raising event at the Depot Center on Thursday.

"Peaches for Kids" was a luncheon that took place where attendees could chose to donate money to St. Jude, LeBonheur or Shriners Hospital.

Treasurer of the BPW and volunteer at the luncheon, JoAnne Bennett, says this event started with an idea.

"This event was suggested by Leon Swihart of Leechville," Bennett said. "Because these are his peaches that he donates to us each year and he donated his peaches to this."

Swihart donated a large number of peaches to be served as a part of the luncheon.

Bennett say people need to do what they can to help these types of children's facilities.

"They're in a big need, you know," Bennett said. "These hospitals always like donations. We've never done it before. This is our very first time. Hopefully, we'll have a good turn out today."

Bennett says it feels wonderful to help others.

"It feels real good," Bennett said. "Our club does a lot for others. We're always reaching out."

Bennett says no one can ever do enough.

"These places can always use your money," Bennett said. "To study more about these diseases that are going around."

This is the first year for this luncheon.

If successful, Bennett says it might become an annual event.

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