ASU tuition to cost students 3.5% more

NEWPORT (KAIT) - As students finish up their final exams, the ASU Board of Trustees finalized their decision to increase tuition.

The increase will tack-on yet another $200 to the average yearly cost of $14,000.

ASU President Dr. Charles Welch says the increase is rather conservative.

"A full-time student who's taking about 30 hours a year, it would be an increase of about 240 dollars a year."

Dr. Welch adds that ASU has seen a significant increase in enrollment over the last few years, which means the university needs more money.

"The State of Arkansas has actually determined that ASU Jonesboro needs 33.6 million dollars more than what we actually receive."

He says the increase benefits ASU employees because they haven't received a pay raise in years.

"We're going to try to provide our employees with a 2% cost of living adjustment."

The news comes as no surprise to Wildlife Ecology major Blaine Middlecoff, who has another year left in school.

"That's too much money. It never goes down."

Middlecoff says the National Guard is footing most of the bill, but he still has a couple student loans that need to be paid.

"My mom told me and I was like, 'Really? This?'"

Dr. Welch knows many are struggling this year, but he insists that this 3.5% increase is for the good of everyone.

"Any amount in this economic environment is tough, but we just try to keep it as minimal as possible."

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