Show proves quilting is hardly a dying art

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) – Anyone who thought quilting was adying art obviously failed to attend the Fifth Annual Threads of Life Quilt andFiber Art Show this weekend.

The Women's Advisory Council for St. Bernards DevelopmentFoundation kicked off the event Saturday.

The group displayed more than 130 quilts, and visitors couldvote on their favorite.

Nancy Chrisman, the quilt show committee chairwoman, saysthe event provides an opportunity for quilters to showcase their work.

"The camaraderie between women who sit around and quilt andtalk about quilting and piecing and all that – it's just a great opportunity toshow something that we don't see very much of in everyday life anymore,"Chrisman said.

The quilt show continues Sunday. Doors open from 1 to 4 the St. Bernards Auditorium on West Washington in Jonesboro.

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