AMMC delivers advice to expectant mothers

PARAGOULDS, AR (KAIT) – Expectant mothers in Paragould learned how to better prepare for their bundles of joy this weekend.

Arkansas Methodist Medical Center (AMMC) helds one of its monthly childbirth education classes Saturday. The class comes at no charge for any moms planning to deliver their baby at the hospital.

Tritia McGrew, a lactation consultant, covered a broad range of topics, including childbirth, pregnancy and delivery.

"It just makes them aware of things to expect," McGrew said about the class, "so, when something happens, they're not wondering is it something I need to be concerned with? Is everything okay? This is just a normal part."

AMMC will hold another childbirth education class on the first Saturday in June, but the hospital will host a feeding seminar on May 12.

For moms not planning to deliver at AMMC, they can pay a $50 fee to attend any of the courses.

For more information, call Tritia McGrew at 870-239-7467.

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