Guns, Bomb Materials Reportedly Found in Car Circling Jail

APRIL 27, 2004 - Posted at 8:46 a.m. CDT

SEARCY, AR - White County Sheriff Pat Garrett says deputies found guns, methamphetamine and materials, that could be used to make bombs, in a car that had been circling the county jail.  Two men were arrested Saturday morning after their car was stopped and searched and when jailers saw the car was circling and its occupants taking photographs.

Garrett said it's not unusual for his deputies to stop a car circling the jail to question someone.  He said officers get concerned that the activity could be some kind of diversion for a jail break.

He said that, after detectives got a warrant to search the vehicle, they found guns, meth, the possible bomb chemicals and paperwork that suggested possible ties to militia.

The Sheriff's office did not immediately identify the two men arrested, but said they were from the town of Bradford.

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