Oil Trough Residents Are Returning to Flooded Homes

April 27, 2004--Posted at 6:00 p.m. CDT

OIL TROUGH--After several days of torrential rainfall, Ruby Jackson got a knock on her front door.

"Yesterday about mid morning when they said it might get to thirty one feet," is when Oil Trough resident Ruby Jackson said it's time to evacuate her home.

When she returned home...... her whole yard was covered in water.

Riding along the water covered street, Jackson reminisces about the 32 years she has lived on the same gravel road.

Ruby Jackson has "seen worse .......in 1982... "

"Over 4 feet deeper, and it got in our house....about 2 feet deep," she said.

"While they did have to move out, she says they lost very little.....living in this area, you learn a few tricks along the way.

"We had our furniture up on concrete blocks in the house,"said Jackson.

The rains have devastated farmers livelihood.

So much time and money has already been lost.

Jackson says all farmers can do now is"....start over."

Although the waters are beginning to lower....the damage to the homes, in the area,  has already been done.

Several homes along Highway 14 West to Oil Trough from Newport have been evacuated due to dangerously high water levels.

There is no definite word yet when people can return to their homes to begin recovering from the storm's aftermath.