Residents are Hopeful Flood Cleanup Will Begin Soon.

April 28, 2004--Posted at 6:00 p.m. CDT

OIL TROUGH --"You have debris, worms, soybeans, or whatever the crop is at that time. You have snakes. I had a big snake greet me when I got home yesterday."

A big mess was waiting on Dianne Pratt when she returned home on Tuesday.

She and her son evacuated their home after heavy rainfall flooded them out on Sunday.

"My son came in and said it was over the school, so I said we're out of here," Pratt said.

So when she returned home.....she had two things on her mind.....protecting what was in her house and replacing what had been lost; however, she says there is one problem...... "flood insurance is astronomically high. it is more than my homeowners insurance," Pratt says.

Most say this seems to be more of an inconvenience rather than anything else.

People waiting on their mail....may also have to wait a little longer.

"We'll be back in there as soon as the water goes down enough and he can get through so that he can have access to roads and safely deliver,"said Newport Postmaster, Cynthia Marshall.

While most of Highway 14 heading to Oil Trough are beginning to dry out after days of sunny skies....when these signs say road closed you don't want to test the waters.

"You don't know the different levels of the road how deep the water is,"said Marshall.

Still no definite word yet on when Highway 14 in particular will re-open; however officials are stressing that even though the water levels are beginning to lower, the areas still flooded can be deceiving because you don't know how quickly the water current is moving until you're stuck.