Trumann Schools: a MacBook for every teacher

TRUMANN, AR (KAIT)- Teachers at Cedar Park Elementary were each given a MacBook Pro on Wednesday, after a year of work on the project.

The computers are intended to help teachers develop their abilities with technology, according to Myra Graham, the Superintendent at Trumann Schools. She says that each teacher will get a computer and a bag for the computer.

Training, as well as online assessments, will be performed throughout the summer. The assessments will determine what type of training the teachers need. Graham says this new initiative will help Trumann students reach "college and career ready" goals.

Carla Stark, a Cedar Park Elementary teacher said, "When we have those children that are struggling or we have those children that need more challenges, we'll be able to search and find things that help them educationally."

The more than 1,500 K through 12 students in the school district will use either iPads or Macbooks starting in the fall.

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