Law enforcement officials hit the streets

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT)-The 25th annual Law Enforcement Torch Run took place on Friday.

Officers carry the torch throughout the city of Jonesboro to raise money for the Special Olympics.

Investigator for the Jonesboro Police Department, Trey Dupuy, says area law enforcement officials make it a point to run with the flame of hope and visit area schools.

"The big part of running with the law program," Dupuy said. "Is not only to raise funds, because the schools do raise money, we raise awareness for the special Olympics. There is also an r word campaign, encouraging people not to use the r word because it is a derogatory term."

Officers ran the torch through the Brookland, Nettleton, Jonesboro and Valley View School Districts.

Dupuy says he and fellow officers enjoy getting involved with the community they work to serve.

"The basis of being a police officer," Dupuy said. "Is giving back to the community and helping others who can't help themselves. I think this is the perfect opportunity partnering with special Olympics to fight for those who may not be able to fight for themselves by raising money and awareness for their cause."

Dupuy says it's refreshing to get the chance to see people coming together to help others.

"As law enforcement community," Dupuy said. "We typically see the worst society has to offer. When we put on events to help the Special Olympics out it really shows that there is a good side to the community and it makes you feel good as a law enforcement officer, being rewarded for giving back to the community."

Dupuy says he's seen first hand just how far a dollar can be stretched to help someone else.

"I've been fortunate enough to have been a part of the Special Olympics for the past five years," Dupuy said. "You don't realize how much a small contribution to this organization can go to help an athlete. It can include meals and lodging, but also training for whatever sport they're competing in and provide them with the athletic tools they may not have."

30 runners from the Trumann Police Department, Arkansas State Police, Craighead County Sheriff's Department and the Jonesboro Police Department participated in the event.

The torch run was founded in 1981 with a police chief from Wichita, Kansas.

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