Region 8 Soldier Laid to Rest

May 2, 2004

For Army National Guard Specialist Kenny Melton the journey of life began 30 years ago. A week ago that journey surprisingly ended half a world away in Iraq.

Today family, friends, and other loved ones said their goodbyes. "A lot of the emotion was very much patriotic but also knowing the individual has gone to be with the lord"

A lot has happened to the Melton family in the last week and many still seemed shocked. Battalion Chaplain Timothy Simons says every family shows their grief differently. Adding his talks with the family lead him to believe they will be ok.

"They did very well they are on the road to recovery plugged into a local church"

After Simons spoke, the military paid their final respects by giving a 16 gun salute and through the bugle playing of taps.

Sometimes it is funny how life works. Through all the pain and crying of the day others still are finding hope and strength.

Today was no different, you see Timothy Simons wife is now overseas serving actively with the Air Force. He says seeing the family's strength has helped him. "My wife is over in Afghanistan we are increasing according to the news what is going on over there but we do not know what else is going on"

For Simons and others, Melton's death was not in vain.