Is the Marion Berry Parkway complete?

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - The Marion Berry Parkway has been opened for several months. Many have asked the question; "Why are all those cones still there?"

According to Jonesboro Mayor Harold Perrin the intersection is still not quite finished yet. Also the amount of traffic may have been more than anticipated, Perrin said because of traffic counts and closing Caraway.

Perrin, "Well it works as designed then but now Caraway is closed there is more cars coming over here so we're going to have to address that."

Just before a car reaches the intersection off of Matthews the road curves up hill. There is a cut off that runs by the country club but that is closed.

Perrin says currently ASU and the country club are in negotiations to buy some more property from the club in order to allow Matthews to be extended further before merging with Washington. Perrin says the meeting between the two will take place Tuesday night. If the deal goes through the equipment will roll again.

Perrin, "They will start construction on that so that should be opened up probably by the first of August."

Another big question is the left-hand turn lane coming South off the campus. Currently there are two lanes painted but only the outside lane is open.

Mayor Perrin says there is just not enough room on Washington to handle turns from two lanes. He is talking to the engineering firm to see what can be done.

"They are studying that now to see if they can get by with a single left turn lane, a little bit wider but just one left hand turn lane." Perrin said.

Modifications will have to be made to a large brick island to make the lane a bit wider. This will also make it easier for cars turning North onto the campus from Washington and give them a bit more space.

Perrin says he feels that problem will be fixed within a few weeks and those cones will be gone.

Getting that turning lane fixed and opening the Matthews extension should finish up everything except the landscaping. Hopefully that will all be done before the year is over.

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