Region 8 veterans are getting help

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - The Disabled American Veterans MobileUnit van out of Little Rock was in Jonesboro on Monday.

National Veteran Service Officers were on hand to answer thequestions of Region 8 veterans and work to help them file their claims.

Junior Vice Commander of the DAV, Carl Mosby, says this is a muchneeded service. "They don't know exactly what they are qualified to getuntil they come here," Mosby said. "They ask a lot of questions andcan go right in to see somebody."

Mosby said they work not only to answer questions, but discoverwhy a claim has been denied. "We're taking care of the veteran'sclaims," Mosby said. "We have a direct link to their records andthey're coming in and seeing if they can be raised up on their percentage orwhat's the matter with their claims. You know, the reason it didn't go throughor whatever."

Mosby says this resource is also a convenient one. "It's away veterans can come out," Mosby said. "Put their claims in andtheir 214s out here and they don't have to go through and see a lot of red tapethrough the veteran's service officers. So, they can go right in and talk to aNational Veteran's Service Officer."

Mosby says they provide this service every year, and says theyhoped to see as many as 50 veterans throughout the day.

For more information about the DAV, log onto their website.

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