Arkansas Lime Company Expands to Meet Increasing Needs

May 03, 2004--Posted at 4:45 p.m. CDT

BATESVILLE-- After over 80 years of lime production in Batesville, the Arkansas Lime Company got a $45 million dollar upgrade.

Lime is used in the production of many different products like steel, paper, and water purification and the demand for lime is high in Region 8 among the areas many industries.

Timothy Byrne, President and CEO of Arkansas Lime Company, says "the raw stone in Arkansas, the calcium carbonate stone which you have to start the raw process with, is also just right for production.  Basically, lime kiln's are operated around good limestone."

Hopes are high that the $45,000,000 investment in the expansion of this facility will be a tremendous boost to the economy of Northeast Arkansas.

The company's original six kilns could produce 100,000 tons of lime, but now these two rotary kilns will be able to produce over 400,000 tons of lime.

With an expansion of this magnitude, air quality concerns topped the list of precautionary measures taken as this project approached completion.

"This lime is also sold in a number of other arenas as an air pollution or water pollution type of other technology to clean up other types of discharges," said Becky Keogh.

Lime from Arkansas is distributed all over the United States, and everyone is hopeful that the demand will keep growing.