Life in Oil Trough Finally Returning to Normal

May 04, 2004--Posted at 5:15 p.m. CDT.

OIL TROUGH--"We sandbagged the school and got the suck pump out,"said Guy Santucci, Newark Superintendent.

Highway 14 South of Newport to Oil Trough was closed until last Friday due to flooding.

The flood waters also forced the evacuation of several homes along that stretch of the highway and caused  Oil Trough's school to close.

Just a week ago this stretch of highway was emersed in water. Now things are clearing up and Oil Trough can start looking towards the future.

One major concern for school officials was how students, who could not get to school, were going to make up state mandated tests.

"The Department of Education allowed us to treat those children as excused, and they were allowed to make up the test,"said Santucci.

While high water did cover the schoolyard, and no significant damage was done to the school.

"If it hadn't been for the community's help sandbagging, with the White River is right there by the school, we would have had extensive damage,"said Santucci.

While flooding is a huge concern for people living in this area, everyone knows how to prepare.

"We've gone through it so many times we know what to do. We knew ahead of time. We knew when the water was going to crest over so we sandbagged.  We moved stuff up.  Families worked together, and so we're ready for the next flood,"Santucci said.