Governor Makes it Official: Crittenden County to Get Truck Parts Plant

MAY 5, 2004 - Posted at 2:40 p.m. CDT

MARION, AR - Governor Huckabee has announced that the Crittenden County city of Marion is getting an auto parts plant.

Hino Motors Limited will operate the plant, which will make parts for Toyota.

The governor said Hino will make its own announcement later about when the plant will open and how many people it will employ.  The plant will make truck parts for Toyota.

Hino is partly owned by Toyota, and the company manufactures and markets diesel trucks and buses.

The plant is to be built near a site that was offered to Toyota for a truck assembly plant that last year went to San Antonio.

The governor noted that Hino has no plants in North America.  He said it is significant that the company chose Arkansas for its first site in the country.

Sources have told The Associated Press that the parts plant can lead to construction of an auto assembly plant nearby.  Huckabee announced only the parts plant today, but said he hopes today's news conference is the first in a string of announcements.

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