Police: Driver who caused 5 car pile-up under influence

JONESBORO,AR (KAIT) – Jonesboro Police now say the driver who began the chain reactionresulting in a five car pileup was under the influence of Hydrocodone orOxycontin.

Investigatorssay Phillip Gatling, 48, of Jonesboro, passed out while driving but didn't knowwhy. They said he also mentioned that he had taken a prescription medicationgiven to him by his doctor around 4 a.m. the same day, but couldn't rememberwhat the medication was.

Theaccident happened Wednesday afternoon at the intersection of Southwest Driveand Parker Road.

Policesay one witness told them that he saw Gatling drift over into the oncoming laneand strike the concrete barrier on the east side of the bridge before comingback across the road into the southbound lanes striking the vehicles in frontof him.

Noneof the drivers were injured. The intersection of Southwest Drive and ParkerRoad was blocked for about 30 minutes while crews worked to move the damagedcars.

Gatling consented to a BAC test, drug evaluation, and subimission of a blood sample before being released toresponsible party.

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