Meet May's Teacher of the Month

HIGHLAND, AR (KAIT) - As we approach the time to select our Teacher of the Year, we have one more Teacher of the Month to share with you.

May's teacher teaches English and journalism at Highland High School.

Let me introduce to you, May's Teacher of the Month, Jamie Scott.

Junior Paige Fuller said Scott was one of her favorite teachers. "She's fun, she's out going. She really helps anybody in any situation there in. Whether you need help in school work or with a bully or anything like that." Fuller said.

The class I visited with probably all wanted help. It was surprise test time. The moans and groans may have been more for my benefit but I didn't see any eager faces waiting to put pencil to electronic score sheet.

Ms. Scott is finishing up her 22nd year of teaching this semester. A romance with words brought her to teaching redirecting her from journalism.

Scott, "I was just so fascinated with the poetry class and how they analyzed the poetry and my English classes too. I really found it fascinating so I thought well; I think I would rather be a teacher."

Scott describes her style as fun and laid back. "I'm very casual." Scott says. "I'm not a strict lecturer, teacher. I don't stand in front of the class and lecture while they take notes. I'm more apt to give them the assignment, explain it and then go around and help each one of them."

With experience comes maturity. I asked Scott what's the biggest change in her, in 22 years of teaching.

She thought a moment before answering. "I don't take the small things personally like I did when I first started." Scott went on; "I don't get upset if they pop off like, "I hate English." or anything like that. I realize I can turn that around. They're kids; they're gonna pop off about things. They are going to come in one day loving it and one day hating it."

Paige told me that Scott can be demanding and sets pretty high standards for her students. "She tells you, you know. If you are not doing as well as she thinks that you can, she'll tell you that. And that just makes you think, yeah I can do better." Fuller said.

Scott takes her love of poetry and allows her kids the freedom to express themselves while learning.

Scott, "I really think the key is to let them write the poetry themselves along with studying the classics."

Scott says her students work hard, but she says she feels she has an inside track.

Scott, "I like to know them and listen to them. I've found the better I know my students the better they are in class and the harder they try for me."

It works out well I think.

In a couple of weeks we will be letting you know who our Teacher of the Year is following our panel of judge's decision. We wish all our candidates good luck.

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