Pryor's mobile office travels through Region 8

WYNNE, AR (KAIT) - Representativesfrom Senator Mark Pryor's office are rolling through the Region 8 area.

Wednesday Pryor's mobile office traveled to Prairie,Woodruff, Cross, and Poinsett counties.

Field Representative Frank Bateman says they're workingto help Arkansans solve any issues they're having with services involving thefederal government. "We're going around helping people," Batemansaid. "That may have problems with VA, Social Security, IRS or any kind ofproblem with the federal government. Help them kind of get through the redtape. Pick up the case work and take it back to the case workers and work itout at the Little Rock office."

This mobile office was put into effect when SenatorPryor first took office. Bateman says people often don't know who turn to whenthey reach an obstacle. "We want to be able to help people that may notknow where else to go," Bateman said. "To get some help with socialsecurity or any kind of problem with the federal government. They may not knowwho to turn to and we are here on behalf of Senator Pryor and he's veryinterested in helping as many people in Arkansas as he can."

The mobile office travels to all 75 counties.

Bateman says three representatives travel with themobile office and that each representative covers twenty-five counties inArkansas. "We're on the second leg of the tour, here, in NortheastArkansas. These are my counties and then we'll do a rotation into the countiesof the other representatives."

The mobile office will be in Craighead, Greene andClay counties on Thursday.

For more information about the mobile office, log ontotheir website.

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