Blytheville Teen Loses Appeal in Video Store Slaying

MAY 7, 2004 - Posted at 7:36 a.m. CDT

LITTLE ROCK, AR - A man convicted of killing a Blytheville video clerk has lost an appeal to the state Supreme Court.

Derrick Shields was sentenced to life in prison without parole following his capital murder conviction.  Shields was 14 years old in 1999 when clerk Laurie Troup was killed during a robbery at the Movie Magic store.

Two other defendants were sentenced in the case.

Yesterday, the Supreme Court rejected Shields' argument that the judge at his trial should have barred prosecutors from using his statements to police as evidence.  Shields said officers never informed him of his Miranda rights in his, "own language."

Shields argued that his youth should have required officers to use language that he understood.  But Shields signed a statement that he understood his rights.

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