School Wants Kids Naturally High

High school students have probably gone to prom by now and many are preparing for graduation.  But school officials in Hoxie want their students to know they can have a great time celebrating without the use of alcohol, tobacco, and drugs.  They call it “Natural High Day.”  A day set aside for students to relax and have fun without dangerous drugs and stimulants.


This year was the thirteenth year for the event.  One new highlight was a video brought in by a special production company.  The video, entitled “Power of One,” featured several young musicians like P.O.D. The video attempted to show each student the power they themselves hold not only in their own lives but those of the people around themselves as well.


Seventh grader Eric Soayton says he was really into the video.  He says it was interesting to see the effects of one person’s drug usage on those around him.  S ophomore, Allysa Rider, says the film forced her to think about peer pressure.  Adding she just doesn’t need to give in anymore.


Teachers were shocked with the quality of the video and its effect.  One teacher was overheard saying she was skeptical of the video when she saw the price to bring it to the school.  After seeing the film she feels the video was well worth the price.