Kids learn that milk doesn't come from a grocery store first

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - Even with all of today's technological advancements, there are many kids who do not associate that milk in stores comes from cows.

The Southwest Dairy Farmers Association, mobile dairy classroom visited the Jonesboro Math and Science Magnet School Thursday to help enlighten students.

"No I've never seen anybody send milk to my house. We buy it." says

Emily Gross who is part of a generation that has never seen a milkman or probably even seen a cow milked in person.

Dairy Educator Angela Moore says this mobile dairy classroom has a two fold purpose. "To teach about the nine essential vitamins and milk and why they need it. We also want them to know how they get their milk the process from their cow to the grocery store."

The star of the show is a 5 year-old Jersey cow named Lilly. She provides about 40 gallons a day. She is an amazing animal said Keasia Neal who really didn't know much about cows before the visit.

The cow got 4 stomachs and how they spit it back up and chew on it and stuff.". Stuff refers to cud which is the beginning of the milk process.

Since Lilly was such an obliging producer, Moore showed how everything including milking the old fashioned way,works in the milk gathering process. The trailer comes equipped with modern milking technology which includes an automatic milker and a big glass bottle that holds the milk. To 5th grader, Jackie Couch it was udderly fascinating.

Couch, "She explained how to milk a cow, it's just awesome, it's cool."

There are only 130 dairy farms left in Arkansas and about a thousand in Missouri. Odds are, these kids will never see the inside of a milking barn but thanks to the mobile classroom, they will get to see the process.

Moore said it is not unusual for kids to be surprised how it all works.

"We still have that happen too us quite a lot but the cool part of this job is we can actually show them how we do it." she said.

Student Thomasina Huggins also enjoyed the program.

Huggins, "She taught us a lot of interesting facts about the cows and how they produced milk and everything." I asked Huggins, "Have you ever milked a cow?" "No I never have." she replied "But I would like to,it looks fun."

Ultimately though the purpose of the program is for kids to understand the importance of drinking milk. Jackie Couch is a fan. She drinks milk a lot.

Couch, "I drink milk for breakfast, sometimes I drink milk just because it tastes good."

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