The Matilda and Karl Pfeiffer Museum Scheduled to Open the Doors Monday

May 09, 2004--Posted at 6:30 p.m. CDT

PIGGOTT--"Mrs. Pfeiffer.....she was just a fabulous lady. A true Renaissance woman......ahead of her time in everything," said Museum Trustee, Rosemary Janes.

Matilda Pfeiffer's legacy will live on through a museum in her, and her husband's name.

The peaceful place sits tucked away on 11 acres of plush green land.

"In her will, she left this place to be a museum and study center. She left her home to be used by people who could come here and visit and study. She also wanted people to see the various collections she had acquired over her life," said Trustee, Don Roeder.

The museum offers something for everyone's interest.

It has a library of over 1,600 hundred books, and a Native American collection native to Northeast Arkansas and Southeast Missouri.

The museum displays a wide array of minerals from Mrs. Pfeiffer's collections, and 11 acres of land featuring several types of flowers, plants, and trees.

"She collected minerals until about 1987. She did not go anywhere to collect them herself. People would bring their assortment by and she would pick and choose," said Roeder.

Matilda is described as knowing a little about everything with interest ranging from Geology to Philosophy.

"She would buy every piece of information. She bought books, pamphlets, and would get materials out there and study it until she was really an expert in that field," said Janes.

Visitors to the museum were definitely impressed with what they saw, "It's an absolutely gorgeous property and great gift to the city of Piggott," said a visitor to the museum.

"It's great. We love it. It's very well done, and it's just beautiful," said another visitor.

The official ribbon cutting opening the museum is scheduled for Monday at 1:30. Tours through the museum will begin soon after.