Hot rods roll into Piggott

PIGGOTT, AR (KAIT) - The hot rods are rolling into Piggott for the 14th annual Heritage Park Car Show. With hundreds of cars expected, it's a big draw for the area and brings money into the town.

Brenda Forrest is the innkeeper for the Downtown Bed and Breakfast in Piggott. Her B & B is booked solid.

"It is one of our top two events of the year as far as bringing in out of town folks. And out of town money." Forrest said. Tim Blair the co-chair for the car show says a lot of money gets spent.

"Economically, the restaurants, the retail outlets, they have a very good weekend. In fact, car show weekend is right up there with 4th of July weekend in total gross sales here in the city." Blair said. It is estimated that a car exhibitor will spend around 600 dollars over the weekend.

Piggott Mayor Gerald Morris said even with all the campers exhibitors bring in, they still go to town.

Morris, "They go to the restaurants, they fill up the motel that we have, the bed and breakfasts that we have. And we are glad to welcome them back every year."

And they shop. Karol Miller and her husband own a Chevy SS. They have been coming to the show for 5 years. On Saturday, Miller says she leaves the guys at the show.

"On Saturday it's our day, me and my friend Judy Hannah, we go to the shops and shop around and bring home our goodies." Miller said. "It's always a pleasure, it really is." The city provides a van that takes exhibitors to town if they don't want to drive their own cars.

Besides spending money in town some people make money by providing services to car owners. "Rambo" the Montana Pin Striper travels from show to show to pin stripe.

Rambo, "We go around to car shows and we pin stripe cars and it's kind of like the old time performing art kind of thing. So we've been doing it for a little over 20 years." He lifted his left hand, "This is my free hand." He then lifted his right. "This one costs."

In 20 years Rambo has built his own hot rod for his daily driver and built up a clientele that follows him to get work done.

"Yeah they'll call me and say are you gonna be at Piggott are you gonna be at such and such, are you gonna be here, there where ever?" Rambo went on, "I say yeah, I'll be there."

Brenda Forrest says many of these people who bring cars come back because they like the town.

Forrest, "Our reservations run from year to year. So we are booked for several years in the future."

That's good business.

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