JHDC holds first ever prom Friday

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - Staff and residents dressed in their best on Friday for the Jonesboro Human Development Center's first ever prom.

JHDC teacher, Carolyn Whiteside Kendall said the prom is for both residents and their families.

"What we wanted to do was give them the experience of having a prom because a lot of them never thought they'd see their son or daughter have a prom," Whiteside said. "To actually dress up and look beautiful like an angel and the men to look like just lovely gentlemen."

Carol Hayes said her grandson, Samuel, has been a part of JHDC for 20 years and this is just one more thing the center is doing to help make his life full.

"Sam is just absolutely...he's happy," Hayes said. "You can look around and you can see, they're happy. They're happy people. It has just been great. This is just another great event out here for Jonesboro."

112 people attended the JHDC prom.