Region 8 Nurse of the Year Named at Banquet

May 10, 2004 -- Posted at 10:56 p.m. CDT

JONESBORO--It's not on your calender but this is "National Nurses Week." in honor of these health care professionals, we asked you to send us nominees for the Region 8 Nurse of the Year, and you did. We received hundreds of e-mails and letters, but there can be only one "Nurse of the Year".

They are the heart and soul of the health care industry. They work long hours giving an invaluable service 365 days a year often without receiving a pat on the back. But through it all nurses, like Region 8's Nurse of the Year Cathey Johnson, continue to give 110% with a smile. Cathey is the Nursing Director at Cave City Nursing Home. She says she is proud to be a part of the nursing home industry. Receiving 10 letters of recommendation, Cathey is known to come to work in the middle of the night in her p.j's to work with critical patients. She also helps her residents write letters, mends their clothing and she has even danced with her residents in order to make them smile. Everyone should receive thanks and recognition for doing good work but this is especially true for those who stand beside us in trial and joy.

K8 received hundreds of recommendations for Nurse of the Year. Seven alternates were also chosen. They are as follows:

Kim Banks, St. Bernards Medical Center

Cindy Bridges, Jonesboro Public Schools

Carol DeGraw, Traveling RN, Southeast Missouri

Donna Emmert, Arkansas Methodist Center

Mary Finley, Lawrence Memorial Hospital

Connie Lackey, Brookland Elementary School

Kimberly Warmath, Arkansas Medical Center

The Nurse of the Year Award is sponsored by K8 and Cardiology Associates. Congratulations to all 2004 winners.