Man peeks into Cash home, sparks concern for neighbors

CASH, AR (KAIT) – Cash residents awoke Saturday to find red flyers strung up and down Main Street. A local mother placed them everywhere hoping to scare off a "Peeping Tom" from striking again.

Tammy King has taken extra precautions to not only alert her hometown but also protect the house she's lived in the past 18 years. On Thursday night, neighbors spotted a man trying to peek into her 14-year-old daughter's bedroom and bathroom windows.

"Some friends of mine were coming up the road, walking to their mother's house, and they saw kind of like a shadow and so they took a second look and she said something to her friend," King explained. "About the time she said that, the person that was standing right there underneath my window at the edge of the porch heard them, and he took off running."

It was too dark to get a close look at the man, but her neighbors say he was about five feet, eight inches tall with a medium build. King says a search for the suspect turned up empty, so her daughter fears he'll come back.

"She's paranoid," King said. "Before, she would stay in her room on her phone, I'd have to make her come out, and now she's in the same room with me. She sleeps with me at night. She won't even take a shower without me right outside the door."

King said her fear turned into anger, and she decided to canvas the community and spent Friday night placing flyers on every building and telephone pole near her home on Julia Street.

"I think he'll know that everybody's going to be looking now, watching, see if he's out there," said Heather Webb, who first spotted the Peeping Tom at King's house. "Hopefully, he'll get caught."

King says, until he's caught, she plans to leave boards in her windows so that no one can open them from outside.

"It might have been something simple, but you never know – it might go a little further," King added. "People like that start at that and might go a little further, so it's just kind of scary. You just don't know where their mind was leading."

King did report the incident to the Craighead County Sheriff's Office. Bobby Johnson with the Cash Police Department said officers will make extra patrols and notify neighbors about the problem.

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