NAFA rescues dogs from "horrific" conditions Monday

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - Northeast Arkansans for Animals is known for helping out our furry, four-legged friends. Sometimes, a rescue mission is required. KAIT rode along with NAFA Monday evening as they went to a trailer with reports of abandoned dogs.
On May 19, a call to the Craighead County Sheriff's Department by a concerned citizen led officers to the residence. The neighbor told officers that multiple dogs had been left in an abandoned trailer. An incident report filed by the sheriff's department said at least six dogs were left on the property, with possible others inside the home. The abandoned trailer was described as "horrific" with "dog feces" covering the floor of the entire trailer.
From there, Northeast Arkansans for Animals was contacted and came to the rescue.
Though the trailer was listed as abandoned, the pet owners were at the property when NAFA and KAIT showed up. However, NAFA was still able to get the dogs in their possession.
"I just believe that they got into some situations and they just couldn't get themselves out," Wannda Turner with NAFA told Region 8 News.
Turner said they took four Chihuahuas ranging in age from eight months to seven years old. They weren't able to find the other dogs that were reported to have been there. The dogs that were surrendered, though, were all in need of medical attention.
"They are covered in fleas and one of them is pretty much hairless on the belly from so many flea bites," Turner said. The dogs were also underfed. Turner described them as "considerably underweight".
"Because in their own heart, they want what's best for the dogs. They just can't financially or physically do what's best for the dogs," she said.
As for the dogs they picked up today, Turner said they will be treated for their various medical conditions. One dog is suffering from respiratory problems from being inside the trailer, another has heart worms and all have fleas. She said once they are taken care of, which may take months, the dogs will be put up for adoption. Turner said she's just thankful NAFA was able to step in and help, because it's not always a happy ending.
"Sometimes you look into it and there really isn't anything you can do... The sad thing of it is. But sometimes you can work with them for the benefit of the animals and everybody wins," Turner said.
The pet owners are not currently facing any charges. They did relinquish rights to all animals on the property so if any more animals are found there, they will be in possession of NAFA. Turner said they also had the owners sign a contract saying they would not own or take in another animal for 365 days without first contacting NAFA. If they are found in violation of that contract, the owners could face animal cruelty charges.
If you or someone you know is in a situation like this, contact your local police or sheriff's department. You can also contact NAFA at 870-932-1955 or visit their website at 
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