Several Rivercrest Students Are On Their Way to Maryland

May 11, 2004--Posted at 6:35 p.m. CDT

WILSON-- The student led "Odyssey of the Mind" is a creative problem solving competition.

"We had to create a vehicle that a team member could ride on that would make at least three trips from one designated point to another,"said team leader Tom Bennett.

This group of students won first place at region and state, qualifying them for the world tournament at the University of Maryland.

"We'll be competing with teams from every state plus about 20 foreign countries.

There are two parts of the Odyssey of the Mind competition,"said Bennett.

Students have to compete in solving a long term problem and spontaneous problem solving.

"It's the enivoro problem...and our spin on it......we did a dog. We have to make a new product and our product was the poop picks up the dogs.....poop,"said student Tyler Bennett.

"It's able to pick up trash and move it around and put it in different locations. It's really able to do just about anything,"said student Natalie Cissell.

Even after these halls have cleared out after school has been let out....the Odyssey of the Mind students are still hard at work.

The students have to make everything from sewing the costumes, to painting the signs, and even welding the vehicle together.

"During crunch time,which is about one month before the performance,....we work anywhere from 2 to 8 hours a week,"said Cissell.

Show time for the group is May 29th through June 2nd.