Despain's parents speak out on Michelle's arrest

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - Murder victim, Marc Despain's parents never doubted his wife Michelle's involvement in his murder.

"I felt all along that she was involved. Had no doubt about it," Jack Despain said following an announcement at the Jonesboro Justice Complex regarding Michelle Despain's recent arrest.

Nearly nine months to the day after Marc Despain was found murdered in his Southwest Jonesboro home, his wife Michelle is behind bars, charged with Capital Murder.

"We knew how she was and that she was capable of doing that," Tana Despain, Marc's mother said regarding the arrest.

Jack and Tana were at the press conference, Wednesday. Tana said they always felt Michelle had something to do with Marc's murder, but Wednesday's arrest left them with up and down emotions.

"Shock and then elation and then worry about what we need to do next," Tana said.

Prosecuting Attorney, Scott Ellington announced the arrest. He said Michelle was taken into custody around 1:30 p.m. on Wednesday.

"Investigations conducted by the Jonesboro Police Department's Computer Forensics Investigators have revealed additional digital evidence that supports probable cause to arrest Michelle Despain," Ellington said.

Right now, Michelle Despain is being held in the Craighead County Jail. She will likely be arraigned on Thursday.

Jack Despain believes the murder was money motivated.

"She couldn't stand the fact that her castle was coming down around her ears and the only way out at that point in time, so she thought, was the million dollar policies that my son had on his head," he told Region 8 News.

Tana said that Michelle's arrest does not bring them closure. She does, however, plan to go on with life, living her "new normal."

"We will always deal with this in some way. Like I said, as time progresses it may get a little easier...but for me, I'll never have closure. Not for murder," Tana said.

Three other men were arrested in connection with Marc Despain's murder in 2011. Carl Kelly, Johnny Hubbard and Terrance Barker have all been arrested. Barker pled guilty in early May for First Degree Murder on Marc's death. Carl Kelly, Michelle's father, and Johnny Hubbard have a tentative trial date set for September of 2012.

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