D.A.R.E Officer Doing His Part to Keep Kids off Drugs

May 12, 2004--Posted at 4:30 p.m. CDT

PARAGOULD-- Corporal Clinton Eubanks is doing his part to keep Paragould safe. Not only does Eubanks patrol the streets....he pulls double duty as a D.A.R.E officer.

D.A.R.E is an interactive program between police officers and students .

"So what you're trying to do is intervene.....and intercept that. You want to teach them about the harmful effects of drugs," said Officer Eubanks.

Another part of the D.A.R.E program teaches kids to build self-esteem, how to be assertive, and response styles when approached about drugs.

"A lot of kids know to say no to drugs, but they don't know how to say no to drugs," said Eubanks.

While Eubanks doesn't do this for the recognition......he's definitely a shining star in the community.

"He is just wonderful. He's up there with the kids all the time.  He brings his dog up there and he is just wonderful," said friend Casey Jones.

"Officer Eubanks is not only a good officer around town, but he's an even better person morally and spiritually.   You really can't find a better man," said Greene County Tech School teacher Byron Shelton.

Eubanks is described as a mentor. Everyone says he's the kind of person that can make this world a better place.

Though he has a lot of duties....and a lot of stressful days.....Corporal Clinton Eubanks is right where he belongs.

When asked if he likes his job, his response....."Oh I love my job.  I got into law enforcement right out of high school and have been doing this for eleven years.  I really don't know of anything else I would rather be doing.